The Dog He Couldn’t Forget

pocono grassBy Deborah Durbin, Marketing Coordinator

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes. This love story comes from an unlikely place between an unlikely couple.

A stout Pit bull blend with a special characteristic of one ear that stood straight up was waiting for a forever home at SICSA. Her name was Pocono. She had been at SICSA for several months with no one taking an interest in her. Pocono had some peculiar behaviors that made her a bit challenging to adopt. She didn’t enjoy walking on leash, had a behavior of spinning in her kennel, and liked jumping up on people. SICSA’s Dog Enrichment Coordinator began working with Pocono to redirect her unattractive behaviors to help Pocono become happier and more appealing to adopters.

Robert came to SICSA one day looking for a pet. Pocono’s unusual appearance caught his eye right away. With her one long ear saluting upright and the other flopped over, she was a sight to see. Robert spent some time alone with her and he knew they were a perfect match.

Robert couldn’t bring her to the home where he was currently living, but he was moving in 3 weeks and could adopt her then. Would she still be here? Pocono could not be put on hold due to organizational policy. As difficult as it sounds, putting a dog on hold would mean she wouldn’t be adoptable for a lengthy period of time, and the hold may not end up as an adoption after all. We couldn’t risk Pocono losing out on finding a home in that 3-week period by holding her for a potential adoption.

Robert and Pocono

Robert left that day without Pocono but he couldn’t forget her. He never gave up hope that he would adopt her. He visited

Pocono two to three times a week for several hours each time, while he waited for his new place to be available. Pocono looked forward to his visits. Her demeanor would change when she saw Robert. With Robert, Pocono was happy-go-lucky. Everyone had their fingers and paws crossed that these two would be together. When Robert visited SICSA, the staff began telling Pocono her boyfriend was here. Robert would lie on the floor while playing with Pocono. Their playtime would end with a cuddle and a heartbreaking goodbye.

Finally, Robert was moving into his new place. He had been visiting with Pocono at SICSA for weeks.

Pocono on her way to her new home!

Pocono on her way to her new home!

When he was moving his last car load to the new house, he came to SICSA and adopted Pocono.

The two are inseparable. Pocono is now Penelope but Robert calls her Penny. “It was like she was supposed to be there (at his home). She’s getting used to walking on a leash and she loves all her new toys, her Kong and her giant bone,” Robert reports. He said she sleeps with him every night. They even went on a camping trip together.

Whether it was love at first sight or Pocono falling in love over time, it is hard to say.  What we do know is that after several months of waiting, the dog he couldn’t forget finally got the home she deserved.

The new "Penny" asleep on Robert.

The new “Penny” asleep on Robert.

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