Temporary Homes With Lasting Impacts: SICSA’s Foster Volunteers

Mimi, former foster pet of Sucheta Sachdeva and Tyler Green

Walking through the kennels of SICSA, you will see the faces of numerous pets in our care as they await their forever homes. What you do not see are the dozens of dogs and cats preparing for their time at SICSA with their foster families. Some pets have a longer journey from their former home, or lack thereof, to their eventual adoption. For these animals, and for SICSA’s capacity of care, these Foster Volunteers are crucial. Whether an animal is sick, recovering from surgery, learning to trust people, working on behavioral complications, or just growing with their mom, our fosters provide them a safe, comfortable space until they are ready for adoption.

For Foster Volunteers like Sucheta Sachdeva and Tyler Green, fostering has been a life enhancing experience. In October of 2020, Sucheta and Tyler joined the SICSA pack as fosters following the passing of their cat, Cocoa, in August.  The couple was excited to see that the new Washington Township location was only three minutes from their home, making it much easier for them to volunteer. Missing their beloved pet and eager to help local animals, the pair decided to welcome dogs and cats in need into their home.

Johnny, former foster pet of Sucheta Sachdeva and Tyler Green

About their decision to foster, Sucheta said “We’re not ready for a commitment yet, but we love having animals around, so we wanted to help out wherever we could, and this was a very easy way for us to do it.” With the flexibility of fostering, they noted their ability to take on animals that best fit their lifestyle. For example, in the summer when Tyler has time off from his work as a professor at a local university, he and Sucheta welcoming in dogs. When Sucheta is busy working at home, she enjoys having her foster cats around for company. About their time fostering, Tyler said, “SICSA does a good job of supporting us. We feel like Anna (SICSA’s Foster Coordinator) is there if we have any questions.”

When asked what they most enjoy about fostering, Tyler reminisced on a previous foster they had bonded with that was facing an ailment. About their time taking care of him Tyler said, “It was really gratifying seeing him get better.” They still keep in touch with this particular foster’s new family, and have enjoyed watching him grow into a comfortably spoiled, healthy pup. Sucheta explained the comfort she finds in having animals around, saying “I just enjoy having company and I enjoy the feeling of helping an animal that hopefully will eventually find a forever home.”

Fosters like Sucheta and Tyler make all the difference in the lives of these animals, and we are immensely grateful for them and their ability to open their homes to so many dogs and cats over the past few months. If you would like to join the SICSA pack by becoming a foster, you can learn how to do that here.

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