Sustaining Members Network

Sustaining Members Network

SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center was built on a foundation of love and loyalty. A love of animals and loyalty for a mission which supports them.

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Since 1974, every animal saved, sheltered, and cared for has been possible because of the dependable support of our community. As SICSA made strides in animal welfare, the roles of our members evolved as well. In early 2021, members voted for an updated version of our code of regulations. The result was a structure which placed SICSA on a level with other nonprofits and allows us to pivot quickly to emerging needs. We need our members now more than ever.

Please help preserve foundational services by becoming a part of SICSA’s Sustaining Members Network. Sustaining Members pledge monthly donations, which allow us to continue to build SICSA using a known budget of support. This provides a secure foundation we know we can count on from month to month, and even year to year, allowing us to grow and pivot as needed. The safety net provided by our Sustaining Members will allow SICSA to boldly venture where other animal welfare organizations have not, and to go above and beyond for pets and pet parents in need.

Please join our lifesaving team and join the Sustaining Members Network today!