SICSA’s Very Own Grumpy Gals Speak Out

grumpy cat mickaylaAs interpreted and reported by Nora Vondrell, Executive Director

Kitten, Shmitten, Mickayla

I do not understand the excitement around kittens.  They are not cute enough to get over all that bouncing around and climbing they are constantly doing.  Human parents today let kittens get away with everything.   Back when I was a kitten, we were given a job the minute we started on regular food.  And that regular food wasn’t the gourmet, soft food of today.  Oh no, it was the hard stuff.    We also didn’t have those new-fangled toys that light up and move around.  We were given a ball of yarn and were darn glad to have it.    If I could choose my next home, I want humans not dumb enough to be blinded by big-eyed kittens.  I want them to be the kind which knows how to carry on an intelligent conversation with an adult cat.  One who likes long naps and doesn’t require constant attention.

Kathy, the Trucker Cat.

I liked the open road.  I have seen more parts of this United States than a flock of migrating birds!  My driver and I shared grumpy cat kathymany years together, stopping at truck stops, listening to music, laughing at other animals that only have four paws, not eighteen wheels!  It was nice ride.  But after years of making the road my home, I became a bit more fluffy than I should have been.  Okay, fine.  I wasn’t fluffy, I was undertall.  Fine, I gained some weight, geez.  My driver agreed that the open road and truck stops weren’t the healthiest place for me, so I came here.  It’s okay, but they let kids in here!  What kind of place let’s children visit?  Don’t they have playgrounds and daycares for that?  The staff put me in a dress too.  They call it “enrichment”.  I let them because they give me treats.  I like treats A LOT!  They keep bugging me about eating healthy and balanced meals so those treats are especially worth it.  So go ahead and put me in a dress.

This is my Happy Face, Ms. Sophia!  

(Speaking to a staff member) Darling, be a dear and fetch me a new grumpy cat sophiapillow so I may chat with this young lady.  Humans are so easy to train, especially when you are as beautiful as me.  No, I will not smile for the camera!  I am not a dog.  I don’t do tricks for treats, as if (rolls eyes).  I know what you are thinking, what kind of family would be lucky enough to deserve me.  They have to be beautiful so I blend.  It is difficult being this gorgeous all the time.  I also would prefer a family I don’t have to train.  Training is so yesterday.  (Staff member enters with a new pillow and attempts to get Ms. Sophia settled on it) Not that pillow, idiot! The color clashes with my fur!  And the pattern is hideous.  That’s it, I am done talking.  Come back another day when I am in a better frame of mind.

Erica, the Sleeping Beauty

I know what they say about me.  They say I am grumpy.  I am not grumpy, I am sleep-challenged.  I like to sleep and I hate grumpy cat ericawaking up until I am ready.  Humans are always in a hurry.  They are all, “come sit with me or go chase that toy mouse”.  I am happy to do that, when I am done napping.  So yes, my nonverbal communication if you interrupt my nap will be grumpy.  But if you let me do things when I am ready or want to, we can hang.  Which reminds me, I am ready for another nap.  If you excuse me, I am going to hop up on the high shelf there and veg for a bit.  Talk to you later.

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