SICSA’s Guardianship Program

Our pets love us unconditionally and trust that we will always be there to take care of them. But we as their guardians know that always isn’t always guaranteed.  We know that as much as we love them, that in the eyes of the law our 4-legged family members are considered to be property to be dispersed as our will legally outlines or in lieu of that if a will does not exist or the pet is left out of the will, as the administrative probate courts see fit.

Since the creation of SICSA, our mission has been to promote the adoption and welfare of pets, while at the same time nurturing the loving, lifelong relationship between companion animals and their owners. In the spirit of this balance it was important to our leadership to create a community resource, a legal safety net for our SICSA Pack. The SICSA Guardianship Program. This program allows a pet owner to legally set SICSA as the guardian to their dogs and/or cats should something happen to them. These owners trust SICSA will look after their pets and take the time to find the best placement for their pet(s) based on the animal’s individual temperament. To learn more about this program visit:

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