SICSA’s Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

SICSA’s Top FIVE Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

With the Fourth of July Holiday quickly approaching, keeping your pet safe during the festivities is critical. Fireworks are the main cause of stress for animals during the Fourth of July, and more pets get lost during this holiday than any other time of the year. Here are SICSA’s Top 5 tips to keep your pet safe during this time.


  1. Create a safe space for your pet. Provide your pet with a space place to stay during the festivities. This can be a safe room, comfy bed, blanket, or crate/carrier. Keep the door closed to their safe room until the festivities are over to minimize sound and escape routes.
  2. Register your microchip & make sure your pet has an ID tag attached to their collar. These are quick and easy ways for someone to identify your pet should they get lost.
  3. Take a current photo of your pet. If your pet becomes lost, you will have a current photo to post on social media, or to print on flyers. This will help others be able to easily identify your pet.
  4. Gear up with a leash and harness. If you are planning on taking your pets outside for the festivities, make sure you use a leash and harness to keep your pet safe and secure.
  5. Try a calming aid. If your pet is having a difficult time relaxing during the festivities, try a calming aid, like Pet Wants Calming Balm. Speak to your Vet about medication or over-the-counter treatments.


After you follow our five tips this Fourth of July and something happens and your pet gets lost, know that SICSA Pet Adoption Center is here to help. has a step-by-step guide to help you start your search and bring your furry family member home safe and sound this holiday season.

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