SICSA’s All Member’s Meeting:2019

Calling All SICSA Members!  SICSA’s annual All Member’s Meeting will take place on Thursday, February 21st at 7:00 pm.  A part of our SICSA bylaws created over 44 years ago, members have an active voice in our future path.   At the All Members Meeting, President & CEO Nora Vondrell will provide a State of the Organization address.  Afterwards, there will be the opportunity for

Members in Good Standing* to ask questions and make suggestions.   Not a member yet, there is still time!

We hope to see all of you at the All Member’s Meeting.

* Membership in this society shall be open to all who are willing to support the Mission Statement, Principles and Beliefs and Objectives of the Society.   A member in good standing is a member who has paid membership dues within the twelve-month period ending with the Annual Meeting.

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