SICSA Storm Recovery for Pets

Storm Recovery for Our Pets

May 28, 2019 –Kettering, OH – Destructive storms have struck the Greater Miami Valley that affects all of us, including our pets. During storms, our pets can become scared and confused as their natural instincts drive them to seek shelter. Once the storm has passed life for our pets often returns to normal quite quickly. However, in extreme cases like experienced on May 27th and 28th, 2019 in the Dayton area, pets may be stressed enough to continue hiding or become lost. Here are some tips for what to do if you cannot find your pet.

Indoor Pet in the House:

  • Call out to your pet in a reassuring manner
  • Search their normal hiding spots
  • Put out some tempting treats and extra water around the house
  • When you find them don’t corner them or rush to pull them out
  • Note that cats are very good at hiding and might be able to hide for a couple of days before coming out of hiding


Outdoor Pets / Lost Pets:

  • Call out to your pet in a reassuring manner
  • Complete SICSA’s online Lost & Found Pet Report:
  • Post recent photos and detailed description to SICSA’s Facebook page:
  • Contact your County’s Animal Control Service for best practices such as Montgomery County which helps with lost dogs and asks you to visit to look for your pet (937) 898-4457
  • Leave an item with your pet’s scent on it outside of your home.
  • Walk around your home and walk or ride a bike around your neighborhood to leave a scent trail that your dog or cat may be able to detect to follow home
  • Tell people like your neighbors and the mailman and post flyers in your neighborhood that incudes important information like:


  • pet name
  • photo
  • breed
  • gender
  • color
  • weight
  • distinguishing items (red collar, blue eyes)
  • date lost
  • location/area lost
  • chip number if has one
  • owner name and
  • contact Information


  • Call your veterinarian and other local veterinary offices to report the lost pet and/or post a flyer
  • Record a lost pet message on your voicemail cell and home number
  • Place a Lost/Found ad in your local newspaper’s classified section, such as the Dayton Daily News – (937) 223-1515
  • Post a notice on Craigslist and Petfinder, as well as other Facebook pages like the Dayton, Ohio and surrounding Area Lost and Found Pets Facebook page:


Found Pets:

On the other side of this, in the aftermath of a storm, you might find a lost cat or dog. It is important to know that there may not be shelter space available immediately for the found pet and you may wish to offer or help find a temporary home for the animal until their owner is located or space opens up at one of the animal shelters in your community.  Along with helping get the animal to safety there are a number of ways that you can help that starts with checking to see if the pet is wearing a license tag. You can call your county’s animal shelter and tell them the animal’s license number and they will be able to help you track down the owner.  If they are not wearing a license, they may be microchipped. County Animal Shelters, veterinary offices and SICSA have the tools to help read those chips which also may be able to help you track down the owners.  People are also encouraged to fill-in the SICSA Lost and Found Pet Report as well:


SICSA Help Center for Pet Owners in Path of Storms:

Pet owners who live in the areas affected by the most recent storms and that are in need of help caring for their pets are encouraged to reach out to SICSA. Along with our adoption and humane education services, we have a SICSA Help Center that is set-up to provide information and potentially services to pet owners in crisis. SICSA serves the Greater Miami Valley and along with its network of partners is often able to make all the difference for pet families. To contact the SICSA Help Center, please email or call 937.294.6505 ext. 23.


SICSA Update:

In the wake of last night’s storms, SICSA and their animals are okay. SICSA has been asked to conserve water as much as possible. At this point, they are only spot cleaning and doing enough laundry to get by. Currently they have enough bottled water to make sure all animals and humans at SICSA are covered for at least today.


Storm Preparedness:

With the passing of the storms, now is also a good time to remember that storm preparedness should extend to your pets as well. Have your pets microchipped and dogs licensed and then make sure that the information is updated as needed. If you have an emergency preparedness bag for your family, be sure to include a few days’ worth of food and water for your pets as well as any medicines that they are taking and will need to maintain their health and well-being.



About SICSA — Originated in 1974, SICSA was started as an alternative to the traditional animal welfare system with a mission of improving the lives of stray animals and promoting adoption. SICSA places over 1800 dogs and cats a year, performs over 4000 spay/neuter surgeries and provides Humane Education focused on Respect, Responsibility and Empathy to nearly 8000 youth annually. The organization, which has been repeatedly awarded the Platinum Seal by Guide Star, runs an Animal Adoption Center in Kettering at 2600 Wilmington Pike, which is open seven days a week to the public for those interested in bringing a companion animal into their home. For more information about SICSA, please log onto their website at


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