SICSA Partners with Sinclair to Meet our Community Need

SICSA and Sinclair Community College’s Veterinary Technology Program partnered recently to offer a Wellness Clinic for pets in need. During the Wellness Clinic on July 29th, we were able to provide 108 animals with veterinary care, some which may not otherwise receive care.

 “We were able to help 108 pets during the four-hour Wellness Clinic” shared Megan Dell, Veterinary Clinic Manager at SICSA. “This is the highest number of pets we have served at a one-day event such as this to date”.  Dell continued to share that “the families served are extremely grateful that SICSA holds these clinics.  But we don’t do it alone. We are fortunate to partner with the Sinclair Community College Veterinary Technology Program. Without the assistance of their staff and students, we would not have been able to help so many pets”, states Dell.   The animals assisted during this clinic live with families unable to access regular veterinary due to a variety of reasons.  People such as “Michelle”.

Going through personal issues, including her home being hit by the Memorial Day tornadoes, Michelle could not afford veterinary care for her beloved pet.  Because the clinic booked out so quickly, Michelle was not able to get one of the original appointments.  Michelle called SICSA pleading for help.  She shared she had taken the entire day off work in hopes we could find her pet a spot somewhere. SICSA and the students adjusted the schedule so this distraught owner could get her dog the veterinary care he so needed. Having personally received support after the tornadoes, Michelle left feeling extremely thankful that the community also cared for her furry family member.

It is stories like this that we hear every day. When people and their pets fall on hard times, we want to be there to lift you up. We want to be there to answer their call for help.

Would we call this event a success? Yes. Not only because we helped more animals than ever before, but because we helped not only the pets in need but also our community.


-Credit to Sinclair Community College for the picture.

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