SICSA Celebrates Record Breaking Adoptions in 2021!

Every day, SICSA strives to send as many pets as possible to their forever homes. On December 14th, that daily goal led to a record breaking achievement. After months of searching for her forever home and participating in behavioral training with Halo K9 Behavioral Consultation, one of SICSA’s longest residents, Remi, was finally adopted. This was monumental not only because of Remi’s highly anticipated adoption, but also because hers marked the 2,040th placement at SICSA this year.

The achievement can be accredited to a number of factors. The adopters themselves have been incredible, receiving behavioral support when needed, and practicing patience with their new furry friends, thus avoiding preventable returns. With a larger facility, more animals are able to be taken or transferred in, and thus adopted into new families. The incredible adoptions team has also worked hard throughout the entire year to match animals with loving homes, never giving up on long-term residents like Remi. The intake, foster, animal care, volunteer, and veterinary teams have all made a valiant effort to keep pets happy and healthy from the time they enter the building to the moment they leave. Every step of the way, this has been a group effort.

Overall, this is an achievement to be shared by SICSA and the Greater Dayton community. For the support, compassion, and adoptions SICSA has seen throughout the year, the staff, volunteers, and pets are extremely grateful. We hope you’ll join us in sending even more pets to their forever homes in 2022.

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