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When Zeke, this tiny grey and white kitten, came to SICSA, we could see he had already experienced a tough life. At just 3 months old, he showed the physical scars consistent with living as a stray animal: weakness from hunger, fleas, ear mites, and infection. When Zeke first came to us, he used his paw to wipe his face repeatedly, trying to ease the pain and irritation in his eye. The serious eye infection was too advanced, however, and Zeke had to have surgery to remove it. Besides losing an eye, his recovery has been extraordinary. He is healthy, playful and ready to find his forever home. What started as a tragedy will have a happy ending.

Princess, a Jack Russell Terrier blend, languished in an overcrowded shelter with an uncertain fate. Even worse, she was pregnant. Many pregnant, homeless dogs at other shelters are euthanized because of the lack of resources necessary to care for the whole family. Princess, who was shaking with fear when we first met her, found a safe haven at SICSA. Just one week later, she delivered 9 healthy puppies in the comfort and care of a loving, SICSA foster home. Soon Princess and her pups will find forever homes of their own.

Zeke, Princess, and her puppies were all rescued by SICSA and given the sanctuary, vaccines, sterilization, and preventative medicines they needed. They also all received extraordinary and life-saving care. Zeke and Princess’ stories are perfect examples of what membership at SICSA does. Your membership isn’t just about a sticker or a t-shirt, it literally saves animal lives right here in our community.

SICSA Pet Adoption Center would not be here without the ongoing support of the community we serve. From volunteers who care for the animals to donors who give from their heart. Whether you contribute a dollar bill or $25,000, all donations go to help animals in need. We take seriously every dollar given to SICSA; we have earned the BBB Integrity Award and have received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Even more importantly, we hear it from the mouths of the people who receive our services or visit our center. We don’t simply shelter animals; we enrich their time at SICSA, provide high-quality medical care and treatment, and help them be better adoption candidates. We also don’t just talk the talk when it comes to community education and prevention; we do it and do it well.

The only “no kill” center in operation since 1974, SICSA has given sanctuary, sterilized, and found loving homes for over 50,000 pets in the Miami Valley. SICSA has also sterilized another 60,000 pets in the community through our Spay/Neuter Programs. What this means to our community is that we have kept over 1 million pets from becoming a statistic. We couldn’t do any of this without our members. 

While this article denotes the start of our annual membership drive, what we are hoping is that you become part of our family. Families help each other, and we need your help to continue saving homeless pets in our neighborhood, the Miami Valley.

Please join our family today by going to to become a member or renew your membership. Help SICSA save more lives in 2016!

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