Save our Strays Update #1

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Foster Update #1:

07_15_16_affourtit_kitten3Even though we are typically only dog fosters, we were helping out during kitten season and had one kitten left from a litter of four we had been fostering. She had an eye infection that just wasn’t letting up so she got stuck with us for another week or so while her siblings all went up for adoption. I could tell she was lonely so I ended up carrying her around in a homemade NoJo most of the day. She would cry when she was left alone and during the night like she was calling out trying to find her littermates. It was heartbreaking.

When we got the call asking us to foster four tiny puppies, we still had Minneola, the little kitten. At first I thought it was going to be more traumatizing for the kitten so I asked if we could put her with another litter of kittens so she would have friends.

Skip to a day later, we were still waiting to find a litter of kittens. We brought home our four bundles of stinky, flea-ridden joy and went straight to the bathtub for a flea bath. Once they were all clean and warm, we discussed how we were going to keep these squirrelly puppies away from Minneola. But then something adorable happened.

Instead of the puppies bothering the kitten, Minneola just wouldn’t stay away from them! It was like she thought they were her long-lost siblings. And just like that, within a few hours, our sad little kitten turned into a playful little fluff. We actually heard her purr for the first time since bringing her home over a month ago. It was amazing.

Minneola will be going back to SICSA soon for her spay. And while we’re excited for her to get adopted by a loving family, we’re going to miss our little litter of five. Four puppies and one tiny kitten.


SICSA Update:

Thank you to everyone that has donated so far to help save all of the 61 kittens and puppies that overloaded us this spring and summer. Every penny counts! Please use the form below if you’d like to help us reach our goal of $15,250 to cover all costs for the 61 kittens and puppies.

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$4,086 of $0 raised
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