Rembrandt’s Bucket List


by Nora Vondrell

RembrandtRembrandt needs a Hospice Adopter.  What does that mean?  A Hospice Adopter is someone who clearly understands that Rembrandt has a condition which the veterinarian community (Rembrandt has seen three veterinarians including one specialist) believes has a limited time in which he will live.  He could live three years or three days, we have no way of knowing.  What we do know is that it isn’t if Rembrandt will die during that time, but when.  Until that time, we want to make his life as comfortable as possible.  The good news is that he isn’t in pain.  He does have exercise restrictions, which are extremely frustrating to him as all he wants to do is run and play with his friends.  Given the situation in which SICSA rescued Rembrandt, this is completely understandable.  He will also be on several medications for the rest of his life, and require an echocardiogram every six months.  We have secured an agreement with the Cincinnati Care Center that will provide a discount for this test, but it will still require that the adopter fund the rest.  In addition, it may be recommended that he be on additional medications or have additional procedures which could be costly and for which the adopter will need to make a choice as to if they wish to proceed, or make decisions to further limit his life.  There isn’t a cure.  It is because of his horrible beginning of life at the hoarding home, in combination with the fact that he is not in pain, that has us giving him a chance to live out the rest of his days surrounded by as much love and fun as possible.  And to do so with a family that understands the emotional toll that we will have them: to fall in love and to have that relationship potentially cut very short.

If you are interested in adopting Rembrandt, please email

We’ve made a “Bucket List” for Rembrandt:

Rembrandt’s Bucket List

1. Take a selfie ✔  

2. Have a spa day ✔

3. Wear a costume 

4. Make a video ✔

5. Visit a Metro Park ✔

6. Ride in a convertible ✔

7. Order food from a drive-thru ✔

8.  Meet Dave Chappelle

9.  Go swimming ✔

10. Have my very own family ✔

Because Rembrandt is nervous around new people and situations, we are hoping his new family will help him with the majority of his bucket list. In the meantime, he does have a favorite SICSA human. She will check off some of the items his list. We hope to be able to take folks up on their offers to help through her. For instance, one person is donating a McDonald’s gift certificate so she can buy Rembrandt a hamburger. Rembrandt’s SICSA favorite will take him and send the generous donor a picture of him enjoying the ride and the meal. Please let us know if you’d like to contribute a gift certificate or donation to help Rembrandt with his bucket list. Thank you!


Rembrandt has been adopted!  Here he is with his new mom!

UPDATE! Rembrandt has been adopted! Here he is with his new mom!

Rembrandt collageIMG_2371rembrandt video




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