PJ Finds His People: A Happy Tail

In March of 2021, SICSA welcomed a chubby-cheeked, orange cat named PJ into our care. Though his chronic eye issues gave him a somewhat concerning appearance, he was a beloved staff and volunteer favorite. Given his fun personality and hilarious attitude, the SICSA pack hoped potential adopters wouldn’t be too thrown off by his eyes. However, PJ was overlooked time and again due in large part to his medical condition. This led to him spending multiple months with SICSA and his loving foster mom, Ashley. Everyone began to worry how long it may take him to findĀ his forever home. Then, he met Lindsey and Matt.

Lindsey and Matt fell in love with PJ the way so many of members of the SICSA pack had. They weren’t scared off by his appearance or complications. They just wanted to give him a home. And give him a home (and so much more) they have.

PJ now enjoys basking in the sun, spending time with his fur siblings, and even attending the occasional birthday party! When pets find a forever home with incredible adopters like Lindsey and Matt, the wait is well worth it. We are incredibly grateful to them for opening their home and hearts to PJ. Thanks to them, PJ is living the life he deserves with a family that truly loves him.

SICSA is grateful to be able to welcome in unique pets like PJ until they find their forever homes. While with SICSA, the veterinary staff was able to monitor the condition of his eyes, run helpful tests, and begin navigating his treatment. The ability to care for pets like PJ is thanks entirely to SICSA’s supporters. You can help support pets like PJ as they await their new families this holiday season by donating here. You can also give a pet a second chance by bringing a new family member home for the first of many holidays. You can find your furry best friend here.

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