Pet Wants Preview

Section 3. Objectives of the SICSA Pet Adoption Center’s By-laws state that “SICSA will always seek better ways to promote our organization, improve public relations . . . and actively raise funds to meet our needs.” This objective is specifically geared towards providing the means to ensure the future of SICSA and our mission. This is why our SICSA Pack is thrilled that as of June 1st, 2019, we took ownership of the Pet Wants Dayton franchise.

In late 2018, the SICSA Pack and Pet Wants realized the similarities in our goals and our missions to help animals live healthier, happier lives. Both the SICSA Pack and Pet Wants were standing up to make a difference. We understood that, by combining our efforts, we could increase our impact on animals, pet families and our community. That’s when after a close examination by our Board of Directors SICSA  became the owners of Pet Wants Dayton.

Now that SICSA owns Pet Wants Dayton, it is part of our pack and functions in much the same way as our Friends of SICSA with all of the proceeds going to support SICSA and our mission.  This means that your purchase of Pet Wants Dayton food and products not only will be a healthy choice for your pets but will at the same time support SICSA and our animals directly. By supporting Pet Wants Dayton you are saying yes to quality nutrition for your pets, but also to the SICSA mission which promotes the welfare and adoption of companion pets, while nurturing the loving lifelong relationships between animals and people. Together we can all make a difference.

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