Paw Partner Foster Overnight

As of March 19, 2020 SICSA is canceling all scheduled Paw Partner Overnight Foster Pick Ups, due to COVID 19 and the social distancing recommendations. The short term nature of this program puts volunteer participants and staff at a greater risk of exposure due to more frequent pick-ups and drop offs.

We appreciate your understanding! Please check back and signup once things have calmed down.

Until then please stay safe and be well!


The dogs eligible for this program are medium to large dogs who have been with us for 10-14 days, or are showing signs of stress in the kennel. We ask that Paw Partner Foster Volunteers commit to at least 2 nights with their Paw Partner dog, picking up on Monday or Tuesday, and returning on Wednesday or Thursday. This ensures that the dogs will be onsite during our peak adoption hours on Friday and Saturday.

This short break from the kennel acts like our weekends do for us. It allows the dogs some time to rest and relax outside of the kennel environment, and allows us the chance to get to know them better! The information you provide helps us to find their Furever home!

Getting Started:

  • Select a date and time on the calendar below that you would like to pick up your Paw Partner
  • Fill out the application and liability waiver
  • You will be matched with an eligible dog, based on your household
  • Arrive at the shelter on time, at your scheduled pick up date. Any necessary supplies will be provided.
    • Meet and greets with resident dogs are highly encouraged. If you have a dog at home, please select the “Meet and Greet with resident dog” Add on when booking your appointment.
    • If you have multiple dogs in the home, we encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you, to assist with your meet and greet. Please be ready to take your paw partner home that day, this may mean having blankets or towels down in your vehicle, or coming with two vehicles to allow for the dogs to be separated on the car ride home.


    • The dog must be on leash and in your control (within 6 feet of you) at all times while you are in a public area
    • Dog parks are NEVER allowed for liability reasons and must be avoided.
    • Do not feed the dog human food. Many foods could be toxic, and even nontoxic foods can cause stomach issues and diarrhea.
    • Take many photos and videos. Note the dog’s behavior in various circumstances and provide feedback to This information helps us to find the dogs forever home!
    • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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