Path Plan Follow-Up: Rozzie

Rozzie came to SICSA in March of 2019. The Staff at SICSA quickly realized that Rozzie had a lot of energy, and was getting stressed from being in her kennel. The Path Plan team decided to create a plan for her, and a path that led to being adopted.

The first step in the process was trying to find a foster for Rozzie. It would be best for Rozzie to be in a home environment, rather than in a kennel, where she was stressed. She also needed someone who had the patience to help her control her energy level. While Rozzie was in foster care, she would come in on the weekends for the public to visit with her.

During our last Coffee with Nora segment, you heard staff talk about how Rozzie was doing in foster care. Her foster said that “she is super loving and dedicated. Extremely smart. She needs constant redirection.” Her foster continued to say that “During this past week, we worked on no jumping. When she jumps, she jumps high and often catches you with her nails and it can cause anxiety for the humans that are interacting with her.”

As time went on, Rozzie learned new tricks, commands, and learned to control her jumping and aggression. On July 26th, Rozzie left for her very first Slumber Party (trial adoption). The potential adopters were still unsure, so they decided to take some more time with Rozzie to see if she would be the perfect match. It turns out, she was!

Rozzie was adopted on August 12th, and it was a joyous day for staff and volunteers at SICSA. Through the Path Plan process, we are able to take the time and care we need to ensure that all of our animals get adopted into loving, forever homes! This is yet another SICSA Happy Tail ending thanks to the amazing teamwork between staff, volunteers and our SICSA advocates like YOU, who make all things possible.

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