Passing Time With Your Pets!

Self-distancing and staying home may feel challenging at times, but one bright side to this difficult situation is the increased amount of time owners now have at home with their pets! While some of us are beginning to get a bit stir-crazy, there are still a number of activities you can do with your furry friends while protecting the health of yourself and others. Check out some of our suggestions:


1. Enjoy some outdoor time!

Whether it be in your own back yard, or on a walk in a less populated area, taking your pet out for a bit can be beneficial to both of you! Play fetch, tug on rope toys, or simply let them run in a fenced area: the options are endless! Stretch your legs and enjoy some quality bonding time while you get some fresh air. As the weather warms, any excuse to spend time in the sunshine is a good one, right?

2. Play dress up and have a photo shoot!

Sometimes the best thing you can do in a stressful situation is laugh, and what better way to do that then by dressing up you pet and taking photos? Whether is be a flower crown, a bowtie, or a Halloween costume they weren’t able to show off, now is the time to give it a go! Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook, or text them to a friend, to brighten others’ days, too!

Note: If your pet doesn’t enjoy being dressed up, a normal photoshoot is just as great! We know they’re adorable with or without the extra accessories!

3. Get fit with your pet!

Staying healthy while avoiding places like the gym may seem difficult, but there are lots of options for at-home workouts, even some you can enjoy with your pet! Whether you lean toward cat yoga, or enjoy a simple run or walk around your neighborhood with your pup, having a pet can make moving even more enjoyable. Looking for a health goal to reach? Try training for a run, like the Lift Your Leg 10k, 5k, or 1 mile walk/run held by SICSA each year! Register here and get to training with your furry best friend!

4. Read to your pets (or encourage your kids to)!

While Netflix is tempting, this downtime can also be a great opportunity for mental stimulation for kids, adults, and pets alike! Make reading time more fun by picking a book for your pet and reading aloud to them. We can’t promise they will listen, but it’s worth a shot!

5. Make your pet a new DIY toy!

Dive into a new DIY project your pet will love: new toys! There are numerous tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube for simple toys you can make with items you likely already have, such as an old fleece blanket. Keep your pup entertained while you work from home, and yourself entertained when you run out of things to do!

We hope these suggestions are helpful in keeping you and your pet a bit more at ease until things return to some state of normalcy. Pets can be amazing aids in stress relief, and their humans can be an immense source of comfort for them as well. While times may be difficult now, we remain grateful for the pets and pet parents in the SICSA community.

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