November Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Glidewell

By: Jennie Baxla, Volunteer CoordinatorIMG_4731

Linda Glidewell is someone who is always willing to help. Though she works primarily with the cats at SICSA, she is always ready to jump in wherever needed, whether it’s for an adoption event at SICSA or helping with fundraising events like The Cat’s Meow.

Linda has been a volunteer for two years now but had adopted several cats from SICSA before she started volunteering. When she retired, she wanted to do something special with her spare time. She decided to volunteer at SICSA because she felt it was a wonderful animal rescue center. We are so happy she chose us!

Linda works mostly with what we call our Cat Whisperer cats, or cats who need a bit of extra time, patience, and socialization. Volunteers are asked to take additional training in order to work with these cats, learning valuable skills for how to socialize under-socialized cats. Linda comes in several times a week to work with these specific cats, giving them everything they need in order to trust her, and in turn to trust their future forever families. Without volunteers like Linda, these cats would stay at SICSA for much longer than they do.

Linda’s favorite thing about volunteering at SICSA is seeing a cat she’s worked with get adopted. One such cat was Sammy, who was recently adopted by another volunteer who fell in love with him. Linda said that Sammy seemed distressed when he arrived at SICSA.  He was then put into isolation for a few weeks, which meant he didn’t get much human interaction. After being in isolation for his first weeks at SICSA, he was moved to Meow House, where most Cat Whisperer cats are housed. When he was first moved into Meow House, he would cower in the back of his cage.

After Linda and other Cat Whisperers worked with him, he became a very friendly cat and would come out to be pet and played with any time she opened his cage. He was eventually moved into Feline Flat with the other free roaming cats. When Linda would go visit him in Feline Flat, she’d call his name and he’d immediately come out. Thanks to volunteers like Linda, Sammy found his forever home.

Linda is always ready to help in any way she can. Recently, four kittens were dumped in SICSA’s parking lot. Unfortunately, they were not in a box, so Linda and several other SICSA staff members and volunteers raced outside with food, treats, and toys to coax the kittens out from their hiding places. Luckily, thanks their hard work and patience, they were able to collect all of the kittens and take them inside to safety. All of those kittens have since been adopted.

Linda is making a great impact on SICSA, and especially the cats here. Without her, and volunteers like her, it would take much longer for these cats to find homes. We thank her for her time and hope she stays with us for many years!

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