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Adoption fees are waived for these cats for the month of August!


Uma is a petite princess looking for a quiet home to call her castle. She loves to survey her kingdom from the top of her cat tower or while perched on any available knee. She gleefully accepts head scratches and tasty treats from her loyal subjects, and enjoys the occasional joust with her favorite feather boa toy. Once she knows you, she will even grace you with her presence by running to greet you at the door. If you're looking for a sweet little cat to treat like royalty, come meet Uma today!


Hialeah is a charming gal who knows what she wants in life. She describes herself as "spunky" and "independent. She's a playful and fun kitty who loves a good ear scratch. Her favorite activities include dinnertime, looking out the window, and being a sassy princess.

Betty Boop

Hi! My name is Betty Boop and I'm looking for my new forever home! I came from another shelter so no one really knows my back story but since I've been waiting for my furrever home for quite a while now at SICSA, they've notice some really great qualities about me that I simply must share! Besides being oh so pretty, soft and blue, I am a great friend to people! I would love to find a furless best buddy to be completely devoted to. I would play with them, especially with those laser pointers that I'm really good at catching. I would snuggle up with you on the couch and in bed with you at night and purr, purr, purr. In case you have other cats at home, you should know that I'm pretty cool in cat social situations too. I have lots of cat friends at SICSA and haven't met a cat here yet that didn't realize how awesome I am pretty much right away. So what do you think? Wanna come meet me and see for yourself how lovely I am?


Hi! I'm Missy! I've been at SICSA looking for my purrfect furrever home for quite a while now. No one can understand why it's taking so long though, especially me. I mean, I'm simply fabulous. I'm easy-going and laid back, beautiful to look at, have no bad habits, and have so much love to give! I want a warm lap and sweet pets from my special human. I'm so ready to have my own person so I can always be near them, or at least in the same room as them, and give them my loyalty and affection. I like to play with wand toys with them so they can see how awesome I am at catching those pesky strings that are always swinging back and forth. I think whoever realizes what an amazing cat I am will be forever grateful to have adopted me! Come see me to prove me right!


Hi, I'm Piccolo! After raising an adorable litter of kittens until they were old enough to go to their forever homes, I think it's time I find a family of my own. My ideal home is one where I can chill in a windowsill and play with my stuffed toys to my heart's content. I love being around people, getting attention, and being pet, but I'm also not overly demanding about it. I especially like respectful children, and can often be found playing with them with a wand toy or laser pointer. Overall, I'm a fun-loving cat ready to be your new family member. Come visit me at SICSA today!


Hi there! Let me tell you a little story about a super awesome cat? First off, she is just beautiful.. with soft and silky fur, piercing blue eyes and a tail for days. That's just the surface though. What makes this kitty so special is what's inside, of course. If she deems you worthy to be graced with her presence, you will have a loyal and loving friend for life. As with all goddess-like cats, you will need to be patient at first while she gets settled and adjusts to her new palace. Ok, ok, are you ready for the surprise ending? This cat is...ME! You are all so lucky that I'm ready to find my purrfect human to dote on me and shower me with love, praise and of course, gifts. (I especially like Temptation Treats, seafood flavors.) If you are ready to meet amazing me, come on by to SICSA and ask for me. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the newest member of my court!


Bubba is a charming senior that is young at heart! He is a great mix of independent and snuggly. Don't let his age fool you-this guy is ready to live his best life! He's described as inquisitive, outgoing, and mellow. Bubba would love a quiet home where he can hangout and do his own thing.


Hello! I'm Raspberry, and like the name, I'm as sweet as can be! I came to SICSA from another shelter to try to find my furrever home. Still no luck though, unfortunately. I wonder if it's because my purrfect person just hasn't made it over here to meet me yet? If so, that would be just such a shame, since we are missing out on enjoying precious time with another! I would love to get that person home and show them just what a little love bug I am. I'm ok sharing my people with other cats. I even enjoy their company as well! Just look at my sweet face and tell me you'll come meet me soon? I'll be waiting for you, I promise.


Hello! My name is Gilly and I am looking for a great human to love me! It took me a little while to open up once I arrived at SICSA, everything was scary and new to me, but with a little time and lots of love, my true amazingly sweet and friendly personality began showing! I love to romp around in the open cat room with my other roomies. I get along good with them all, even the grouchy ones! Pretty amazing, yea? I loooove to play too! With people, other cats, toys, lasers, you name it! If you really want me to adore you, give me some of those delicious cat treats too. If you are looking for a kitty who will give you lots of laughs and cuddles, come meet me!


Hello! My name is Dua and I am by far the sweetest, most friendly and outgoing kitty you'll ever meet! I just LOVE people and want nothing more than to be near them! I can be a wee jealous at times of other cats if you are giving them too much attention over me, but it's just because I love you so much! I also love kids!! I really am the best cat ever! Give me a chance to become your best friend?


Hi human friends! My name is Lula. I was found as a stray and taken in by a nice person until I could make my way to SICSA's adoption program. I've been here for a while now and really would love to finally find a home of my very own. The nice people that kept me had kids and other cats and I did real good with both types of housemates. I'm not really into being picked up or held but I do love to play and entertain my humans. My absolute favorite thing to do is lay outside on the Catio under some shade and sleep during the warm hours of the day. I just adore watching the birds fly and seeing all the activities going on. Overall, I'm an easy gal to live with. I just need my purrfect people to come find me and take me home.


Oh, hello there. I suppose you are wondering who this magnificent, gorgeous and simply fabulous cat is? That would be me, Gracie. I know all these other cats here seem great but don't let their overly friendly attitudes fool you. If you are worthy of me, I'll know it. I request someone who knows when I want to be pet, and when I don't. They'll need to provide me with delicious treats at my beckoning, and basically just give me what I want when I want it. I suppose it's good for the humans that I don't really ask for much. A home of my own is the most important thing to me. I mean, having to bunk with these other cats is all well and good for the moment, but everyone knows that I'm much too good for this..sharing thing...and want my own stuff. Especially my own human to boss around. I'll be accepting walk-in interviews Monday-Saturday from 12pm-7pm and Sundays from 12pm-4pm. Make sure you bring your A-game!

Vern & Paxton

Greetings! Our names are Vern & Paxton. We recommend getting your tissue box out because you are going to need it after hearing our touching story. You may be wondering why there are two cats posted here? Well that’s because the SICSA folks are doing their very best to let people know how much we adore one another and are hoping some nice person out there will adopt us both! Ask anyone in the shelter world, it’s not common for two adult cats to form such a strong bromance when only meeting for the first time there! What makes us even more unique, besides that we are by far the most friendly, affectionate, personable and gentle fellas you will ever come across (yes, you read correct..we are perfect), is that we both came to SICSA as abandoned, hungry and Fiv+ kitties. At first we were so scared, but then quickly realized all those hard and painful days we went through were over for good! We received oh so much love, lots of yummy food, toys galore and no one here judged us for being Fiv+! They knew it didn’t make a lick of difference if we found our forever home as house cats. But what is the best part of our journey so far? Well that we found each other of course! As soon as we met, we knew that’s what we had been waiting for all this time. Now we just need the stars to align once more so we can find our perfect person to fall head over heels in love with us and take us home! We can’t wait to meet you and continue on with this incredible journey with you!


I'm a young, spunky gal that's always up for an adventure! I'm a little unsure of new people at first but once I get to know you, I'm a sweetie. I love to play-laser pointers and wand toys are my jam! I also love to look out the window and spy on the birds. I really enjoy when my trusted friends give me head/chin scratches too. So if you'd like a feisty new bestie-choose me!


What's that? You think I'm pretty? Well, I KNOW I'm pretty, and I'm not afraid to flaunt it. But I'm not just a pretty face. I'm a playful, hilarious, little firecracker of fun, and I'm sure to make you laugh with my kitty zoomies! Self confidence? I've got more than enough. You won't find me hiding when strangers come over. I mean, they come to see ME, don't they? You should come see me too - I'm just waiting here at SICSA until I find a human to take ownership of!


Hello! Do you enjoy cuddling and watching TV? I sure do. I'd love to find somewhere that I can leisurely enjoy my golden years! Yes, I'm what they call a "senior but I'm still a curious lady! I'm also not getting into everything and pestering you to play with me constantly - (ahem, kittens!). What I really bring to the table is lots and lots of love. Cuddling in a nice, warm lap is my favorite! Oh, and snacks. I love snacks.

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