New Membership Amenities

The support of our members is a vital element of our ability to help pets in need. While any member could tell you the best part of joining the SICSA pack is the knowledge that their support saves lives, there are also a number of other great perks. This year we have some new amenities that we believe will make being a member even more rewarding. Check out our different membership options and their benefits below!

You may be wondering what makes Membership different, or why a donation made outside of this program doesn’t automatically make someone a member. This is because Membership is a specific campaign.  SICSA must direct donations in the way the donor has designated, even if that specification is done by mail (as in, through a giving envelope).  For example, if one donates to the Guardian Angel fund via the fall mailing request, those funds are used for Guardian Angel needs-only.  We won’t use it in any other program or department.  Therefore, to become a member, you would need to have donated directly to that campaign.

With these amenities, we hope to enhance the SICSA membership experience, and show our genuine appreciation for those who help us carry out our mission. If you have not yet become a member, or if you have not  renewed your membership for 2021, there is still time! You can simply sign up here, or call us at (937) 294-6505 for more information. We would love to have you in our pack as we continue our efforts to save lives and make a difference for the pets in our communtity!

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