Meet the SICSA Veterinary Clinic Staff

Megan Dell, Veterinary Clinic Manager

Vet Staff

Vet Staff

Have you ever noticed that small area in the middle of our shelter? Some might call it the heart of SICSA because all animals start their SICSA journey here.  Every animal is seen by our veterinarian as it enters our adoption program. A dedicated team of veterinarians, registered vet techs and tech assistants spend their day in the clinic helping our animals get well and stay well. We may be small, but we are mighty! We perform over 100 spays and neuters per week and do over 70 checkups weekly. Dr. Lindsey Roth is our resident in-house animal veterinarian.

Providing medical care for animals in the adoption program includes unique challenges. The vet clinic staff is charged with getting the animals back to health and ready to go to their new homes.

Dr. Roth works to provide excellent individual care to the animals at SICSA, but she also has to consider the health of the population as a whole. Just as a large animal veterinarian has to ensure the health of an entire heard of cattle, sheep, etc, a veterinarian in shelter medicine works to ensure that the population of animals in the facility remains free of infectious diseases. Prompt vaccination of animals, proper disinfection and sanitation, and efficient recognition and diagnosis of infectious disease are crucial components for keeping our animals healthy. The vet team is central to this process, but all of the staff and volunteers at SICSA are essential to making sure these components come together.

The vet clinic is a fast-paced environment, full of challenges but we love the work that we do. Our vet clinic staff is dedicated to doing our part in giving these animals happy endings! Keep reading the SICSA blog for more from our clinic including vet advice!

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