Medical Services Make a Difference: Frosty’s Story

14,646 veterinary services were provided to animals in our care in 2020. That’s an average of 40 services per day for the entire year, even before adding in the thousands of services provided to public pets on top of this. Our veterinary staff is dedicated to the wellbeing of every dog and cat that steps through the clinic doors. Whether they have been brought in by a loving owner through our Wellness Clinics, or found their way from the street with the help of a good samaritan, our veterinarians, technicians, and assistants do everything in their power to ensure each animal leaves better than they came in. A Corgi puppy named Frosty learned first-hand just how life-changing SICSA’s Wellness Center can be.

Frosty was found abandoned and injured at a Wendy’s resturant. It is believed that he was unfortunately hit by a car, leaving him with a broken hip. With such an injury, it would not be uncommon for many shelters to euthanize the puppy. Medical care is costly, and for this reason, unfortunately, some shelters feel it is the most appropriate option. However, a kind stranger found Frosty, and thankfully, he was brought to SICSA. Here, he would not only avoid being put down for a treatable injury, but would instead recieve the medical care he so desperately needed. Between visits with our veterinarians, he was showered with love an affection from staff and volunteers alike. Despite his rough beginning, Frosty was nothing but wonderful with everyone he met.

Frosty was evaluated, given medication to manage his pain, and x-rayed. Like all of the other pets in SICSA’s care, he also recieved any vaccines he needed, as well as flea treatment, and heartworm preventative. Once his x-rays were evaluated, it was determined that he would require further surgery to repair his hip. For this, we coordinated with one of our partnering veterinary facilities, and Frosty’s hip was repaired. After recovering with one of our Foster Volunteers, Frosty returned to SICSA for adoption. Almost a year later, Frosty (now renamed Waffles) is a happy, healthy pup. He’s comfortable in his forever home, able to play and run again without pain.

Our clinic is grateful to be able to change the lives of pets like Frosty. SICSA is a firm believer in second chances, and our veterinary services are key to making those possible.

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