May Volunteer Spotlight: Bob

Bob’s volunteer service really started with SICSA’s Lift Your Leg Run & Walk for Strays event. A friend had invited them to the event, and because they had such a great time, they decided to make it an annual event for their entire family. At that time, they also became SICSA members.

After he retired, Bob realized he had more time available, and considered volunteering at SICSA to get a more hands-on approach to supporting the organization. He says, “SICSA made the decision easy by offering a wide range of volunteer opportunities that lend themselves to a variety of skills and interests.”

In the 14 months since Bob began volunteering, he has tried out many of the volunteer opportunities available at SICSA. Not only does Bob help regularly in the cat kennel, assisting with important kennel cleaning on Sundays and Mondays, but he helps with data entry, and also with some of SICSA’s largest fundraising and adoption events. Not only that, but Bob is always willing to offer assistance if anyone asks.

04_18_2016_bob02Bob says he continues to volunteer because he likes the work and has great respect for the genuine commitment to the well-being of the animals, displayed by both volunteers and staff. He also appreciates how supportive the staff is of the volunteers. Bob says, “I thoroughly enjoy the volunteer experience and am grateful for the opportunity.”

Staff members are also very appreciative of Bob’s hard work and willingness to jump in wherever he is needed. Says Cody Roberts, a SICSA Animal Care Technician, “Bob is always willing to help and provide assistance to us in the morning. He is always friendly, understanding, and a huge help!” Staff members also appreciate Bob’s wonderful sense of humor, which always comes out when people need a laugh.

Bob already has many fond memories of his volunteer time at SICSA. From the beginning, cats started to make a big impression on him, like Oscar, the first senior cat Bob had the chance to interact with on a regular basis. Bob says, “He was such a sweet boy, it was sad to think that someone had to give him up, and that being older made it harder for him to find a new home.” Luckily, Oscar, and all of the cats at SICSA, have volunteers like Bob to spend time with until they find their forever homes.

We appreciate the many hours Bob spends helping SICSA and the animals here and look forward to working with him for many years to come. Thank you, Bob, for all that you do!

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