Magical Moments

Melissa Spirek, SICSA Volunteer

While working on my doctorate at Purdue University, I learned about magical moments. Magical moments are when theory meets practice. This is when an aha or eureka moment of a broad conceptualization meets a concrete operationalization to help a person understand and make meaning

We have magical moments in our house each day. This is thanks to our beloved adopted pets.

“Did they have their magical moments today?,” my husband will ask to stay current. “What was today’s magical moment?”

Part of the fun is in the creation of the operationalization of a magical moment.

For the two of us now magical moments are when the abstract concepts of “I love you pets” meets head on to a concrete activity that shows our animals our love. This is 100% dedication of approximately 60 minutes where the furry friends we adore are the center of our universe.

For our rescued lab mixes, this include but is not limited to walk in the neighborhood, trip to the doggy park, playing with dog toys, play dates with friend’s dogs and or playing and walking with Asperbergers friends.

The cats are brushed, played with, and or massaged.

And as with so many situations of when we try to reach out to others and instead benefit ourselves, we are the ones who have the magical moment. The magical moments originally started to show my animals I love them but instead the magical moment falls back and serves me. I am the benefactor. Oh sure the animals really like their magical moments each day but I am the one who runs for “our magical moments.”

The magical moment requires that I stop and enjoy this fellow furry buddy who is funny, amusing, creative and simply lovely. I look forward to the magical moment each day.

Now if I could only find a magical moment in the gym. Let’s just say not so magical.


Melissa M. Spirek, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair Department of Communication

Wright State University

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  1. Sandi

    Other magical moments besides our pets are seeing the sun come up on a new day, hearing a bird sing, being able to laugh at ourselves, sharing life with our families and friends, helping others in need and going to bed anticipating what tomorrow may bring.

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