Love is Ageless

By: Jessie Sullivan, Adoption Manager

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month, and SICSA is celebrating with the Love is Ageless campaign.

As a Best Friends Animal Society network partner, SICSA is able to join this nation-wide campaign to find our senior animals loving homes. The Best Friends network brings together animal welfare organizations across the county to share resources and creative adoption ideas. Collaboration is the key, and together, we can Save Them All.

Puppies and kittens don’t typically have a hard a time finding homes. Those puppy dog eyes and goofy antics can be hard to resist, but senior animals have a whole lot going for them as well. Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month is a great reason to give them their time in the spotlight.

For anyone who has a senior pet, the benefits are obvious. In general, older pets are usually lower maintenance. For dogs, there’s no need for lengthy walks or heart pumping runs – they prefer to snooze on the couch. Senior cats are often less rambunctious than young kittens, and they don’t feel the need to knock over your plants and cover your carpet in dirt.

How big will this puppy get? How playful will this kitten be? Will they be good with my kids? Adopting a senior pet eliminates guesswork. What you see is what you get! Their personalities are established, so you can look for the perfect fit for your home and not question whether it will change over time.

And of course the best reason to adopt a senior pet is how grateful they are to find a loving home. They know how to love and they’re ready to be a part of a family, so if you want to be a hero, adopt a senior pet today!

The Love is Ageless Campaign runs the entire month of November, and adoption fees are half-price for animals 7 years and older. What are you waiting for? Adopt today!

Click here to see the senior pets available for adoption at SICSA.

For more information about the Best Friends Animal Society network partnership, visit:

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