Logan: A Long-Time Shelter Pup Thrives in Foster

Of the four years he’s been alive, Logan has spent the majority of his time living in animal shelters. Despite his years of time awaiting adoption, he was constantly overlooked. His mental state was deteriorating, leaving him to lick at the bars of his kennel, desperate for a life outside of the system in which he had grown up. Once at SICSA, Logan began enjoying his playtime in the yard, daily enrichment, and walks with staff and volunteers. He quickly became a staff favorite, winning over everyone he met with his adorable smile. Unfortunately, despite the admiration he recieved amongst the SICSA pack, he still continued to struggle with finding a forever home. Eventually, Logan was moved into his own room (with a lovely portrait from a local high school student) to decompress. Still, our staff knew there was more to be done for this lovable pup.

Eventually, Logan was placed with a SICSA Foster Volunteer. His new foster mom, Christine, welcomed Logan in as she had done with other long-term SICSA residents before him. Logan quickly became part of the family, snuggling with her grandchildren, taking naps on the couch, sleeping in his foster mom’s bed always “close or touching” her, and playing in the back yard. This much needed break from the kennel gave Logan a chance to truly be himself, and show staff the type of dog he could be in a home. After spending time with him at home, Logan’s foster mom describes him as “handsome, funny, and snuggly”. While she loves him dearly, Christine wants nothing more than for Logan to find his perfect forever home. “I pray he does find a wonderful family!” she wrote in a post on the SICSA Fosters Facebook group.

After years of searching for a family of his own, Logan is ready to find his forever home. He is known to be full of kisses and smiles, and will do anything for a treat. His big personality is only matched in size by his heart. He is known to be loyal to his people, with nothing but love to give. If you or someone you know is ready to welcome 79.8 pounds of pure joy into your life, please consider giving this sweet boy the chance he so deserves. To learn more about Logan, view his adoption profile here. If you are interested in becoming a SICSA Foster Volunteer and changing the lives of pets like Logan, you can learn more about how to do just that here.

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