Local Businesses Support Local Homeless Pets

by Julie Crusenberry, Development CoordinatorLYL Logo 2015 Web Large

As I sort through the many details and tasks of planning SICSA Pet Adoption Center’s June fundraising event, I reflect on the generosity of the event Sponsors.  Without them, we simply could not host over 1,000 people and more than 300 dogs for the annual Lift Your Leg Run and Walk for Strays.

Sponsors are mostly local companies, run by pet-loving people like you and me.  They have generously donated the funds that it costs to execute an event of this magnitude. Because of their generosity, the $52,000 that the event raised last year is utilized by SICSA for the benefit of homeless dogs and cats.  Below is a list of these generous companies.

sponsor ty lyl-001When you are considering the purchase of fine jewelry or real estate, please think of this list.  If you require the services of a financial management or staffing company, please think of this list.  These are the SICSA heroes who make homeless animals’ dreams come true.

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