Little Trooper: A Fitting Name for a Fighting Spirit

In September, a kitten with a very rough start came to SICSA. Found stray, tangled in a car engine, he was clearly injured. Worst of all, part of his front, left leg had been severed in the accident. Those who found him did their best to care for him, but knew he desperately needed further medical attention. Thankfully, he was brought to us, and fittingly named “Little Trooper”. Here at SICSA, he received a full medical evaluation from our Director of Veterinary Services and Medical Care, Dr. Joyce Voss. She quickly realized he would need to have the remainder of his front left leg amputated, and be treated for wounds on his left hind leg. SICSA Veterinarian Dr. Victry Fredley preformed the necessary amputation and tended to his other ailments. These procedures would make all the difference in his quality of life.

Little Trooper would have regular medical check-ins and bandage changes as needed over the next month. It was also discovered that he was FeLV positive, meaning that he is immunocompromised, and could more easily catch illnesses. In mid-September, after extensive observation, it was determined that one of his toes would also need to be amputated. This was also taken care of by Dr. Fredley at SICSA. Despite this setback, he carried on toward recovery. When he wasn’t in the clinic, he was spending time with his loving foster. Here, he began to walk again, and even climb, despite his missing leg. Once his stay in foster care was over, he returned to SICSA where volunteers and staff showered him with love and attention. Every day, someone would comment on his sweet demeanor, adorable face, or overall resilience.

Despite his hardship and struggle, Little Trooper has recovered from his injuries. His amputation hasn’t slowed him down, or stopped him from snuggling up to anyone that is lucky enough to hold him. He purrs constantly, meows at his friends, and enjoys lots of attention. His loving energy and happy spirit even landed him a forever home!

On October 22nd, Little Trooper was adopted by the Townsend family! He will be missed by his fans and friends here at SICSA, but we are so grateful to see him go home with such an incredible family. We know his new humans will shower him with the love and attention he deserves! We cannot wait to see where his journey takes he and his family next.

If you are interested in adopting, you can view our adoptable pets here. You can also help support pets with unique medical circumstances, like Little Trooper’s, by donating to our Guardian Angel Fund. Your support makes happy endings like this possible.

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