Lift Your Leg Gone Virtual: The Finish Line

On June 6th, we crossed the finish line on SICSA’s Lift Your Leg Gone Virtual! Given the curveball that is COVID-19, we had to seriously restructure our usual, in-person fun run and walk event. Rather than uniting SICSA supporters at one location on a single day, we created a month-long virtual event. Through our “SICSA’s Lift Your Leg Gone Virtual” Facebook group, participants were able to share their photos, progress, and general Lift Your Leg updates with one another. While we of course missed having everyone together face-to-face, we were grateful to find a way to still hold the event we know so many of our animal  advocates look forward to each year.

On our end, SICSA had to get creative. We knew having an online event meant we needed to offer our participants fun ways to stay involved. For that reason, we created bingo cards and chose weekly winners! The bingo cards displayed different items for walkers and runners to find on their routes, such as flags, cars, and butterflies. Weekly winners were chosen based on engagement with the group, whether that be sharing their bingo card progress, or photos of their pets on walks. Overall, these tools allowed us to keep the event enjoyable, while still encouraging social distancing and safe activities.

Though it looked different than expected, Lift Your Leg Gone Virtual is an event we hope all of our participants enjoyed! We appreciate the positive responses we have received, especially given the circumstances. We were able to raise funds to support the animals of SICSA, and are continuing to do so through August 16th. We still need help reaching our goal, so if you would, please help by donating here. We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you once again to all who have participated. We cannot wait to lift our legs again with you next year!

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