Kitten Shower Recap

On July 25th, we wrapped up our 2nd annual Kitten Shower! This event is held during Kitten Season, when we have an influx of kittens in our  care, as well as with our Foster Volunteers until they are of age for adoption. At SICSA, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our fosters with any materials they may need while our animals are staying with them. This is possible through the generosity of our supporters, and events such as the Kitten Shower, where we can request items that can easily be forgotten, such as Miracle Nipples, and Kitten formula.

With ongoing concerns regarding COVID, and our commitment to keeping SICSA staff, volunteers, and guests safe, we decided to host a virtual event this year. The week prior to the 25th, in our Facebook Event page, we played Kitten Shower games, and even awarded some winners special prizes. We also shared behind-the-scenes content of some of SICSA’s bottle baby kittens currently in foster. On the 25th, we hosted a Facebook live virtual event. During the Facebook live, our Foster Coordinator, Christina Hutchins, opened gifts sent to us by our incredible supporters through our Amazon wish list. She also discussed the Foster Program here at SICSA with a litter of kittens. Sue Wolfe, a SICSA Foster Volunteer, even brought in the aforementioned bottle babies, and did a live feeding while discussing their care and her role as a foster. Overall, the event was not only fun, but informational, and beneficial to the SICSA Foster Program overall. Our Foster Fundraiser brought in over $500 to go toward the care of animals with SICSA’s fosters. We are so grateful to everyone who donated, joined the event, and tuned in for the Facebook Live event!

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Volunteer for SICSA, you can learn more about the program and apply here. If you missed the Kitten Shower, but are still interested in donating to SICSA as a whole, you can do so here. From advocating to adopting, thank you for supporting the pets of SICSA!

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