Kitten Season Carries On

In early spring, conversations about stray kittens and nursing mothers could be heard throughout the animal welfare community. Following the extreme decline in spay/neuter procedures during the height of the pandemic and stay at home order, stray cats have multiplied beyond measure. Now in the depths of autumn, the conversation continues. Months have passed, but SICSA and other organizations across the country are still busy at work caring for the COVID kittens and some of their nursing mothers.

In addition to all of those awaiting adoption at SICSA, there are currently more than 90 kittens temporarily housed with SICSA Foster Volunteers. This continuous wave of kittens has yet to cease and the effort to provide for them has been a community effort. Given the multitude of babies and nursing moms, wet kitten food and kitten formula are a constant need. In order to keep up with the increased need throughout this kitten season, donations have been extraordinarily helpful. Support in the form of wet kitten food and kitten formula allows SICSA to continue to provide for our tiniest community members when they are most in need.

Please consider donating wet kitten food and/or kitten formula. These donations are lifesaving in the most literal sense. With this food, we are able to rescue more stray kittens that likely would not otherwise make it to adoption. Your support in this effort has a huge impact on their tiny lives. If you would like to donate, you can do so through our Amazon Wish List, or by dropping the items off to SICSA’s Adoptions Lobby during open business hours. If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, you can do so here. Every can counts, and your generosity will be so deeply appreciated.

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