Kitten Season at SICSA

April showers make bring May flowers, but with summer heat comes new kittens to meet! Kitten season is in full swing again at SICSA. From foster care to Kitty City, we are up to our whiskers with kittens! While we love to see their adorable little faces, we love even more so to see them go to their forever homes. For some, that means being spayed or neutered and quickly adopted. For others, it can mean some time with their loving foster families, being socialized, or even bottle fed, until they are old enough to join us here at SICSA for adoption.

Regardless of their journey, these bouncy bundles of joy require all paws on deck from the SICSA pack. Our Veterinary staff are busy

at work making sure everyone is vaccinated, medically sound, and spayed or neutered. Our Animal Care Technicians are making sure each kitten is clean, well fed, properly housed, and socialized. Our Adoption Counselors are evaluating pre-adoption questionnaires, counseling potential adopters, and sending them to their forever homes. Our Intake team is evaluating and taking in numerous kittens from various situations. Our foster coordinator is ensuring everyone who needs one has a loving, temporary home, and that those homes are well equipped with necessary resources, like miracle nipples and kitten formula.

To support our incredible foster families, we are hosting a Kitten Shower. The shower is raising funds and in-kind donations for items the kittens need. At SICSA, we pride ourselves on providing our fosters with all of the necessary resources to care for our kittens. In order to do this, we rely in part on the help of our generous supporters. Whether it be a monetary donation to our Foster Fundraiser on Facebook, or a material donation through our Amazon wishlist, your support makes all the difference in the lives of these kittens. You can also support by attending and sharing the invite to our virtual Kitten Shower on Facebook. On Saturday July 25th, we will be going live to feature some of our kittens, discuss fostering, and open gifts for the kittens from our amazing animal advocates. We cannot wait to show SICSA supporters the impact their donations make (and of course play with some adorable kittens).

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