Kitten Kits: How SICSA is Lending a Paw to Temporary Kitten Fosters

Kitten Season is among us, and the community is rallying together to keep some of our tiniest residents safe. After practicing the “Wait and Watch” method to try and keep kittens with their mothers, those who have found orphaned kittens, or pregnant mother cats ready to give birth, have begun welcoming these mothers and infants into their homes. These temporary kitten fosters are giving these abandoned babies, or mother and litter pairs, a second chance at a happy ending. We are extremely grateful for their selflessness and willingness to help in such an important way.

To make these life saving efforts easier, SICSA is offering Kitten Kits to those fostering orphaned kittens, or nursing moms and litters this season. Finders of these litters or families who are willing to foster them can visit SICSA to pick up necesarry items that are vital to their survival. At such a young age, these kittens often require special supplies for proper care. From Miracle Nipples and KMR kitten formula for nursing if their mother has left them, to Royal Canin Mom and Baby Cat food for nursing moms and growing kittens, to heat disks for kittens missing the warmth of their mom, SICSA is striving to meet the needs of these special foster pets.

For those who are not fostering this season, we greatly appreciate donations for the Kitten Kits. These materials are being provided by SICSA at no cost to the temporary foster parents. The support of our incredible community is what allows us to provide this service. Donations to these kits will directly serve in our mission to save the lives of kittens and nursing mothers in need. The items most needed at this time are:

All of these items can be purchased through our Amazon Wish List, or purchased through other means and dropped off at SICSA at the Adoptions entrance during our open hours. Given the volume of kittens we are expecting this season, these donations will be viteal in keeping kittens safe and healthy. We sincerely appreciate this support.

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