June Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie B.


Leslie always brings straws for cats to play with.

June Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie B.

Leslie B. joined SICSA a year and a half ago and has already made a huge impact at the organization. She had always wanted to volunteer with animals but, due to the demands of her job, she wasn’t sure how to fit it into her schedule. She then had an opportunity to change careers and work from home. This was a stroke of good luck for SICSA, as Leslie decided to use the extra time she saved from not commuting to volunteer with us.

Leslie works primarily with the cats, particularly with SICSA’s Cat Whisperer program, designed to give extra attention to cats who are having a difficult time adjusting to SICSA. Leslie also fosters cats, mostly kittens, which helps during all times of the year, but particularly during the busy Kitten Season. She also spends time volunteering with Friends of SICSA (FOS), at offsite events, and is a member of SICSA’s Lift Your Leg event committee. She helped organize the event marketing efforts in 2016, which led to another successful year!

One of Leslie’s favorite SICSA memories is working at Lift Your Leg in 2015. She was corralling walkers and runners at the start line and, as the race started, she was in awe at the amount of people there, attending the race she and the committee had worked so hard to plan. It was inspiring to see so many people there to support SICSA and help homeless animals.

Leslie continues to volunteer with SICSA because, “SICSA treats their volunteers like gold, and really appreciates everything they do.” Most importantly, however, Leslie volunteers for the animals. Her favorite thing about volunteering is seeing the more challenging animals get adopted. She realizes that, for every animal that is socialized and adopted, SICSA is able to pull in another animal and do it all over again.

Leslie helped save the life of one adorable tortie kitten, Malia, by fostering her until she was old enough to be adopted. Malia had the typical tortie attitude and was scared of Leslie’s other cats, but Leslie worked with her to increase her confidence. After some hard work and lots of patience, Leslie got Malia to the point where she was free roaming and loved cuddling up to the other cats. Out of all of her foster kittens, this is the one she and her husband, Scott, came closest to adopting.

Says Leslie, “Volunteering at SICSA can turn a bad day into a good day, put more purpose in your life, and saves a lot of adorable, fluffy lives.” Leslie is proud to be a part of SICSA’s life-saving efforts and we’re so lucky that she’s chosen to spend her time here. Thank you, Leslie, for all you do!

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