June Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Naber

by Jennie Baxla, Volunteer CoordinatorKelly Naber-001

Some volunteers prefer to work in just one area at SICSA, but we have many who occupy multiple roles at SICSA. Kelly Naber is one such volunteer. Kelly has volunteered at SICSA for seven years and, though she started out walking dogs once a week, she quickly moved into many other areas.

Along dog walking, Kelly also helps with offsite adoption events and adoptions, is a Paw Partner and a member of FOS, and is a volunteer mentor for other dog walkers. She’s also on the Lift Your Leg Run & Walk for Strays committee and a volunteer representative on SICSA’s Board of Directors.

Kelly came to SICSA in 2007 to adopt a cat, and soon after decided to start volunteering with the dogs since she didn’t have any at home. She stays because she loves seeing the animals get adopted. She says, “When I get the opportunity to be at the building when one of my favorites finds their new home, it is such a rush!”

Like many volunteers, Kelly has a stressful job, and coming to SICSA helps her relax. She loves coming in and spending time outside with the dogs, just sitting and relaxing or watching them run off some energy. She’s often been tempted to take dogs home. The first was a dog named Salem, who Kelly calls the highlight of her every Thursday night. She was a shy dog and had a hard time making friends. Kelly would take Salem out at the end of the night to let her run, and then they’d sit on a bench together and enjoy the weather. When she’d take her back to her kennel, Kelly would sit with her until she fell asleep on her lap. The most recent dog to steal Kelly’s heart was Steel, a toy-motivated dog who was always eager to learn a new trick. She still keeps his picture on her desktop at work just to see his goofy smile.



Ask any staff person at SICSA, and they can tell you about a time Kelly has helped them in some way. When we need volunteer help, Kelly is always there. She says that SICSA is one of the most rewarding parts of her life. We are so thankful that she found us and that she continues to help SICSA and all of the animals here. Kelly has rewarded SICSA with her presence and we are so grateful for her. Thank you, Kelly!

Interested in volunteering at SICSA? Please visit for more information.

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