June Staff Spotlight: Beth W.

Beth stumbled upon SICSA in 1997, when she needed community service hours for her high school’s confirmation. Having always loved animals, it seemed like it would be a perfect fit. It turned out to be a great match and after Beth graduated, she continued with her animal education at the University of Cincinnati, obtaining her degree in Veterinary Technology. Finding the fast-pace work environment a bit too much, Beth checked back in at SICSA to inquire about potential employment opportunities. They were, unfortunately, not hiring at the time. Beth returned as a volunteer in the meantime, while exploring her potential career options that would suit her preferences. The very next week, an Animal Care Technician turned in their two weeks’ notice and Beth was offered the position. Since then, Beth has not only been a responsible and trustworthy ACT, but she has assisted in Vet Check as well as selecting and transferring animals from other regional facilities.

06_27_16_bethw2Beth’s favorite part of her work here at SICSA is seeing the animals she’s cared for find their forever homes. Her other happy moments at SICSA involve playgroups. During playgroups, “it’s great to see the dogs socializing, interacting with other dogs, and getting to work on their behavior modification plans,” says Beth.

Beth’s most memorable experience involves a Great Pyrenees named Big Tony. He had a case of bloat, which can be deadly if not treated quickly.  (Bloat happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, food, or fluid, making it expand. Be on the alert for symptoms and learn more here.) Dr. Roth, SICSA’s Veterinarian, had to inject a syringe to relieve the pressure and Beth needed to keep it in place while they made an emergency trip to the vet. Because Big Tony needed to remain lying down, he had to be transported in an alternative vehicle to the SICSA van, which has kennels installed. This turned out to be the backseat of SICSA’s Executive Director’s van! Nora drove while Beth kneeled in the back to hold the syringe in place. Luckily, the story ends quite happily, Beth recounts. Big Tony is in a home with a loving family and doing well.

Her own pet, Billy, is a cute, little Papillion, who just turned 8 a few days ago. Billy was from a breeder in Kentucky, but didn’t quite make the cut for a show dog, due to one ear not being quite symmetric to the other. So, he found his way to Beth’s family and hasn’t left their side since! He’s very attached to Beth’s mother and loves just keeping their family company.

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