June Happy Tail-Tina!

 Tina came to SICSA from an Amish Puppy Mill in April, 2019. She was very scared and nervous in her new home at SICSA. The staff continued to work with Tina and her fears. They determined that she would live her best life with another dog that could help her to gain confidence.

Tina was adopted at the end of May, to a person who allowed Tina to move at her own pace to get adjusted to her new home. She also has another dog at home, that is showing Tina how to be confident, and allow her new owner to pet her and trust the human touch. Her new owner states that “Tina is doing AMAZING. She has come so far. She follows me everywhere and lets me touch and rub all over her head, feet, and ears for 5 minutes. I’m SO in love with her!”


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