July Volunteer Spotlight: Liane Taylor

By Jennie Baxla, Volunteer CoordinatorLiane

Liane Taylor has been at SICSA for only a year, but has already made a huge impact on the organization. Liane works primarily with Humane Education programs and Pet-Facilitated Therapy. She started volunteering because she’d been working at a local retirement community and she saw a PFT volunteer. This stuck in her mind so, when she retired, she finally had the time and came through SICSA’s volunteer program.

She volunteers at SICSA because it’s like therapy for her. She’s always loved animals and knows how much joy they can bring. She enjoys sharing that joy with other people. Her favorite thing about SICSA is that she is able to spend time with her favorites, whether that’s animals, seniors, children, or other animal lovers. Liane says that working at SICSA allows her to help animals, while they give back to her more than she can imagine. Says Liane, “Volunteering at SICSA is the best decision I’ve made for my retirement time!”

The staff is just as fond of Liane as Liane is of everyone at SICSA. Carlette Jewell, SICSA’s Youth Programs Coordinator, has worked closely with Liane on many Humane Education initiatives. Carlette says, “Liane has been such a warm and helpful presence for staff and youth participants. Her volunteer expertise and humor have made her a valuable addition to the Youth Programs team, ensuring that even our youngest supporters have the most positive experience possible here at SICSA.”

Liane loves working with the Youth Camps and everyone she meets while doing PFT visits, including the dogs. Most volunteers remember Mocha, a sweet, chocolate Pit Bull, and Liane also has a soft spot for her. Mocha, she says, made a huge impact on her. She had the same misconceptions about Pit Bulls that many people do. She was even hesitant to take her out of her kennel, but Mocha won her over the minute she leaned on her and sat on her feet.

She once took Mocha to Homefull, where one of the residents had on big, puffy, frog slippers with bulging green eyes. Mocha thought they were green tennis balls and spent most of the visit trying to steal the slippers, much to the resident’s delight! Liane says that if she could have adopted Mocha, she would have, but she was so excited to hear that she found a forever home.

SICSA is so lucky to have a volunteer like Liane. She has a positive energy that serves her well as a volunteer, whether she’s working with children or seniors at our PFT facilities. We hope she stays with SICSA for many years!

Interested in volunteering at SICSA? Please visit for more information.

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