July 2019 Happy Tail: Roscoe


Roscoe and his siblings came to SICSA in December, 2017, when they were rescued from a hoarding situation. Roscoe was afraid when he first got to SICSA, and wasn’t sure how to play with other dogs. Our team continued to work with Roscoe and his siblings by socializing them with other dogs, and bringing them into playgroups.

Roscoe was adopted a few days before Christmas. His new home already had another dog, so Roscoe immediately had a brother to interact with. Still afraid, his new owner, Emily, started working with a trainer. The trainer helped Roscoe to overcome his fears, and learn to trust Emily.

Emily says that “From the moment I met Roscoe in that little room, I knew I had to have him. I knew he would come with challenges and I was willing to face them head on.” She goes on to say that “Today, when it’s just me at home, you’d never know he was from a hoarding case. He’s such a happy dog. His favorite thing in the world is cuddles. Skyler, my other dog, and Roscoe, have formed such a bond. Skyler has always had separation anxiety, he actually chewed up the carpet at my apartment, but with Roscoe, he doesn’t panic anymore.”

Emily continues to celebrate each and every milestone that Roscoe overcomes. She says “The first time he laid on the couch beside my dad and laid his head on him, I texted everyone I knew and told them. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.”

SICSA Happy Tails are the best tails and are only possible thanks to all of our amazing, volunteers, staff, members, donors and advocates like you!

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