Inside the Kennel: Brownie

In September of 2019, SICSA welcomed a floppy-eared, Scrappy Doo look alike named Brownie. Months later, this handsome pup is still with us, now in his own “bedroom”, so to speak. He has quickly become a staff favorite. You can often peek into his room and see one or more staff cuddling with him on his bed or make-shift couch. He loves to greet the people he knows with a wagging tail and lots of face kisses!

At 2 years and 6 months old, Brownie is still young and full of life! Brownie rarely barks, though you can tell when he is alert because one of his ears will perk up while the other remains floppy. When he is not standing watch, you can catch him cuddled in his bed, or playing fetch in one of the yards! He loves to chase tennis balls! Once he finishes playing, he enjoys peanut butter or jerky treats. He will even sit for them when asked! Overall, Brownie is a lovable little gentleman who just needs to find the right fit for his unique personality.

Why has Brownie become a long-term resident, you may ask? Brownie has some behavioral issues that tend to over-shadow his otherwise outstanding personality. While Brownie adores the humans he chooses, he is not a fan of other dogs. He also does not tend to enjoy the company of children. His perfect forever home would likely be adult only, or at least not including small children. He needs a patient, understanding family who is ready to shower him with the love and affection he deserves.

Brownie is available for adoption and Paw Partner Foster Overnight so stop in and say hello to this sweet boy today!

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