How We Answered the Call

Since the inception of SICSA’s Help Center, staff and volunteers have been working side-by-side to answer the phones, make phone calls, and be there to help those in need. When the Help Center line rings, we never know exactly what to expect.  What we do know is that our SICSA Pack will do whatever we can to help. A great example of a unique situation occurred just a few weeks ago.

Recently a couple was traveling towards the East Coast. Dayton was one of their stops for the night to get some rest. When they woke up the next morning, they found a mother cat and her kittens had been abandoned at the hotel. Unsure what to do, the couple started making phone calls to local shelters, but they could not get anyone to answer their call until they called SICSA.

They called our Help Center line when an amazing thing happened; a live person was on the other end of the phone. Our Help Center volunteer inquired as to what they could help them with, and the couple explained their situation. Shortly after contacting our Help Center, the mother cats and her kittens were safely transported to SICSA to receive the care they needed. They were placed into foster care and will eventually be available for adoption, meanwhile, these Good Samaritans continued their journey knowing that they most likely saved this litter of kittens lives and were very glad that SICSA was here to answer their call when they needed help.

Do you need help with a pet or know someone in the Greater Miami Valley with a pet-related issue that SICSA could strive to help?
Please call 294.6505 X17 or email

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