Honorary Humane Hero Camp Counselor: Meet Lola!

When Lola isn’t looking for her new home, she’s teaching the kids of SICSA’s Humane Hero Summer Camp! Lola visits the kids throughout the week, teaching them how to safely approach a pet, why animals might be taken into shelters, and what barriers dogs like Lola face when trying to find new homes. For the past two weeks, Lola has met 36 children and loved every second of the attention. Whether she is giving kisses after a lesson, or taking treats as she shakes their hand at Humane Hero Graduation, Lola has become a beloved camp counselor. Though Lola’s presence is just one aspect of our summer camp, it has quickly become the camper’s favorite.

If your child is interested in learning with Lola and pets like her at our Humane Hero Summer Camp, you can learn more and register here. If you are interested in welcoming Camp Counselor Lola into your family, you can view her adoption profile and fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire here.

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