Homeless Senior Dog Has Happy Ending


Kinsey and Kegger

by Jenn Ladu, WSU student intern

Many people looking for a companion animal to adopt would prefer to take home a puppy over an older dog. They’re adorable! There’s no doubt about that− and puppies certainly are adopted quicker. But what about the older dogs that deserve and are in need of loving homes?

Kegger, an 8-year old Boxer, found exactly that after being surrendered to SICSA. Kinsey Carpenter came to SICSA looking to adopt a dog last month and instantly fell in love with Kegger. “The life expectancy for Boxers is around 10 years, so it was definitely a hard decision knowing we won’t have too long with him,” Kinsey admitted.

Dogs of all ages are brought or surrendered to SICSA for a variety of reasons. Older dogs are deserving of great homes and we strive to find them families like Kinsey’s, who appreciate their value and the love they still have to offer. “My opinion was that I’d rather give him a good home for his last few years, outside of a shelter− where he can get the love and attention that a family can give. Not to mention the bonus that adult dogs are already trained and pretty well behaved− he’s yet to have an accident or get into anything!”

It seems Kegger has found the perfect match and is fitting right into his new forever home. SICSA is thankful for people like Kinsey who choose to adopt older dogs in need. Her message is certainly an important one. If you are interested in adopting any of our animals, please visit or call 937-294-6505.

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