Homeless Pets On Their “Gotcha Day”

by Deborah Durbin, Marketing CoordinatorDaisy W. 0A14170034-001

“Gotcha Day” is a phrase we use that represents the day a homeless pet becomes a new member of a family. It is a celebration much like a birthday.

On the day of the pet’s adoption, we take a photo we call a gotcha photo. Then, on the first anniversary of the day they adopted their pet, we mail the gotcha photo to the family to celebrate their first year.

Sometimes we don’t know the birthday of a pet, so the pet’s Gotcha Day is a date which the family can celebrate.

Below are a few of our favorite “Gotcha Day” photos. If you would like to see more “Gotcha Day” photos, follow our board on Pinterest and follow us on Facebook.

Layla 0A13640608-001

Morgiana 982000363428392Nestle 0A1320472C

Lars 0A12394932

Harrison 0A13660945

Ben 0A14000C21-001

Stella 0A14000D00 (3)

Tess 0A135C3056

Goliath 0A13633D63

Petey 0A135F4730Lilah Saxe 0A13653259

Henessey A23040698

Layla I. 0A135D0560

Freckles (R) 0A13605D13

Cheddar 0A13602958

Astrid 0A14170174

Alfonso A23004922

Charlotte A22667123

Pinky 982000363379804-001

Randy H. A23291867 NO SHARE

Hazel 0A140C5B20

Bumble 0a13647021-002

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