Happy Tails – Smiles for Myles!

In June of this year, a dog was surrendered to us by the name of Myles. At ten years old, the chances of him getting adopted quickly were low, but he deserved a second chance. Two months later,

Myles was adopted, but sadly it wasn’t his forever home. He came back to SICSA, but became very stressed out in his kennel.  The behavior Myles displayed when he was stressed were not helping his ability to get adopted.  To help Myles, the adoption staff started bringing Myles up to the front desk, where he was less stressed, and more visible to the public being his “normal” self – happy and loving.   The challenge, however, remained.  How could we help find Myles the forever home he so deserved?

We started to think outside the box.  That was when we posted in a Facebook group asking for help. We shared his story. His story was powerful, allowing us and the public to understand why Myles couldn’t go to a home with other pets, and why he was stressed in his kennel. We decided to share his story to SICSA’s social media, to which we received a great response.

Within one week, Myles went on another slumber party. This time, it was to his forever home. Myles was officially adopted on Sunday, November 24th, after 5 ½ months of being at SICSA. Members of the adoption staff even came in on their day off to send Myles off to his forever home.


All of the time and energy spent on Myles to make sure he would find his forever home was only possible because of supporters and members like you. You make a difference every day in the lives of our animals, and our staff and volunteers. To us, that is more valuable than gold.

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