Happy Tails – Keebler’s New Home

Just as we begin to settle into our new Washington Township home here at SICSA, one of our furry friends is getting comfortable with his own, new life. On Tuesday, January 28th, Dale and Susan Neuman visited SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center. After meeting with an Adoption Counselor, the two decided to meet a small, white dog they had noticed in the kennels. His name was Keebler.

Keebler had only been at SICSA a few days, and was one of the first, new animals on the adoption floor. Upon meeting him, the couple knew there was something special about this pint-sized pup. It didn’t take long for Dale and Susan to fall head over heels, and on his first day available for adoption, the couple decided to take him home. Fast forward nearly a month later, and Keebler is settling into his new life with his loving parents.

“He loves to explore his new backyard along with all the other animals in the neighborhood.” Neuman said. The grandparents were also happy to see how well Keebler fit in with the rest of the family. “He loves meeting people and so far he is great with our grandchildren.”

As time passes, Dale and Susan continue to learn more about their new pup and his habits. “Keebler likes chasing a ball, and wants to be anywhere we are.” Dale said. While Keebler is still new to the family, he is warming up quickly and enjoying every second of his post-adoption life. We are elated for Susan and Dale, and wish them nothing but wagging tales and happy memories with Keebler!

If you are considering welcoming a new member into your family, stop by SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center to meet your new furever friend today! We cannot wait to help you create a Happy Tail of your own!

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