Happy Tails – Bringing Herb (Tiny Tim) Home

One of the perks of working at an animal center is spending time with animals every day. While it might be tempting for staff to want to adopt all the pets which are our favorites, more often we show restraint and send the animals home with wonderful adopters in the community. On rare occasions, however, staff cannot help but fall in love with the furry friends they meet at work. Sometimes, animals find their “furever” homes with their caretakers here at SICSA.

Jamie Ringheisen is an Animal Care Technician and Adoption Counselor here at SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center. Working in both departments, Jamie has the unique opportunity to both care for the animals, and help them find homes. Working so closely with them, Jamie is able to bond with the dogs and cats in a way that is unique to her situation. While she has met numerous pets since starting her journey with SICSA in 2019, one dog in particular stood out in a way that Jamie could not ignore.

In December of 2019, Tiny Tim was surrendered to SICSA. While small dogs tend to be popular among potential adopters, Tiny Tim was also a 9 year old senior dog. Though some people were turned off to adopting him due to his age, Jamie saw him as an adorable, sweet pup, ready for a loving retirement home. After being returned from a slumber party (a trial adoption) by a potential adopter due to allergies, Jamie knew she had to seize the opportunity to make him part of her family.

On December 22nd, Jamie took Tiny Tim home for a slumber party of their own. By December 30th, it was clear that he had found his “furever” home, and she made the adoption official. Now, just over a month later, Tiny Tim, now renamed “Herb”, has settled into his new life and family! About his transition, Jamie said, “He is the biggest goofball and fits in so well with our bunch.” He has come out of his shell as he has grown more comfortable, his adorable quirks becoming more apparent every day. About his personality, Jamie noted, “He’s obsessed with his squeaky toys and enjoys hiding them around the house.”

Jamie and Herb are a perfect match, and they are loving their life together! Jamie expressed, “He has been such a joy to have around and we thank SICSA for bringing this love bug into our lives.” This Happy Tail is one of many we are so grateful to experience here at SICSA. We love seeing animals find their “furever” homes. Stop by to meet your new best friend; you might just end up with a Happy Tail of your own!

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