Happy Tail: Posie Finds Her Forever Home!

When Posie first arrived at SICSA, she was fearful and timid, and had not come out of her shell. The animal care team began working with her by housing her with another dog who had more confidence than Posie did. After seeing how much this helped Posie, the adoption team thought it was best that Posie went home with another dog, or to a home that already had another dog with more confidence.

Soon after making that decision, Posie found her forever home! Although she continued to show signs of fear, she slowly began opening up to her new family, allowing pets from her human, and playing in the yard with her new fur brother. Posie’s owner stated “She is slowly getting more accepting of physical touch from people. She wakes us up at 6am for breakfast, and has dinner at 5pm. She loves to go outside and run around the backyard. She looks so happy running around!” She continued to say “She gets along very well with my older dog, and I take her with me twice a week when I let my daughter’s dogs our and she even plays with them!”

We are so happy Posie continues to make progress and is enjoying her new, forever home!

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