Happy Tail: Gordon Ramsay

When Gordon Ramsay first arrived at SICSA, he was a scared, timid kitten. Gordon was adopted after only 2 weeks at SICSA. At first, his adopter noted that Gordon was scared and hiding under the couch. Afraid Gordon would never warm up to his new family, they gave him time to acclimate. After only 24 hours, Gordon became an adventurous, playful kitten! “We are so thankful we adopted him, he brings such a light into our house” states Chris, who adopted Gordon Ramsay. “I’ve gone from a dog person to the crazy cat lady and could not be happier! He was super shy but very loving in the beginning. Gordon Ramsay loves his belly scratched, loves to cuddle with all of us and just wants to be loved constantly. He is exactly what I needed in my life!”

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